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Trevaleon Paul Basham served in the military since he was 16 years old, including time as a Bombardier on tours of Kosovo and Bosnia.

After leaving active service the father-of-two described a rollercoaster of emotions as he found himself trying to readjust to civilian life. He started taking drugs, drinking heavily and getting into trouble with the police.

He was given a helping hand by mental health charity Combat Stress, who referred him to Finchale Group.

Through dedicated Finchale Group Case Manager Chris Lloyd, Trevaleon was introduced to a social scheme where people were offered access to allotments. A Finchale Group bus driver would pick Trevaleon up and take him to the allotments, where he would socialise and work with others.

Soon after he was introduced to Finchale Group’s Employer Relationship Manager, Louise Tindill. She has helped Trevaleon create a CV and is looking for suitable work on his behalf.

Three months ago he began temporary work at Eshott Airfield. Since then Trevaleon has played a key role in the upkeep of the airfield as a ground worker, and has been described as a “hugely positive influence”.

He now hopes to use the experience to secure a full time job, having built confidence and trust in those around him.

"I was climbing the walls in the house all day, not socialising. I was drinking a lot and getting myself locked up. But when Louise came along she really helped me and made me strong again. I’ve really enjoyed the work and it’s given me a new direction."

Trevaleon Paul Basham

"Trevaleon has been great at getting a job done in between the chaos and has been a hugely positive influence on the focus of the day. Everyone has commented on Trev's speed and standard of work. He has made a real impact on the team and the way in which work is done here and we look forward to his continued help."

Richard Pike
Director at Eshott Airfield

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