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Dan joined the Army immediately after leaving school. When he was discharged aged 20 he decided it was time to report the sexual abuse he had suffered as a child to the police.

After the case collapsed Dan turned to drugs to cope and became addicted to heroin. For 10 years he was a ‘functioning’ addict and was able to hold down his job as a bricklayer. However after a series of family crises, Dan began to rely more heavily on drugs, eventually becoming homeless and offending to support his habit.

Following spells in and out of prison and on the streets of Brighton, Dan relocated to the North East and was put in touch with Finchale Group via AF&V Launchpad, a charity that provides support to veterans.

Dan’s Case Manager Natalie helped him find housing and three months ago Dan and his partner moved into their new home.

Finchale Group’s team also helped him find part-time work and he will soon start a part-time telescopic forklift course.

Dan has been clean for almost a year and, with Finchale Group’s support, hopes to eventually get full-time employment as a bricklayer.

"My Case Manager, Natalie, is absolutely brilliant. Thanks to her and the help I’ve received from Finchale Group I’m finally getting my life back on track and feeling positive about the future."

Dan Logan

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