Service Delivery Team

Stephen Kettle

Role: Case Manager


What I do – I work with ex-Army personnel to help provide support and advice where needed.  I support signposting for assistance with health needs or housing issues, debt relief or social inclusion.  I also support with sourcing suitable vocational training and securing the associated funding, as well as helping clients back into employment”. 

Craig Robinson

Role: Wellbeing Coach

What I do - every day is different but basically I deliver, or help the team to deliver, a range of activities to improve wellbeing for veterans, families and members of the local community. Activities each week include creative writing and poetry, cookery and nutrition, educational walks, photography, gardening, woodcraft, mindfulness walks and a modelling club.


Lisa Gordon

Role: Employment Navigator/Coach

What do I do - Supporting Veterans who are looking to return to work or undertake any training to enhance their current skills and boost their Personal Development

Angela Kelly

Role Wellbeing Coach

What do I do - Providing wellbeing to veterans and their families

Julian Kotzé Wilson

Role: Navigator working for ROAD (Reach Out Across Durham).


What I do - I support the project to assist people with barriers getting into employment, volunteering and/or education and training.

Education Delivery Team

Colin Soulsby

Role: Sports Teacher

What I do – I deliver BTEC Sport and Active IQ qualifications.

Glenn Pallas

Role: DJ/Music Production Tutor


What I do - Teaching DJ Skills which includes beat matching and transitions of music with different tempo's along with music production techniques which includes producing original music, recording vocals, writing melodies and chords with synthesis techniques.

Michelle Kerwin

Role: Maths and English Tutor


What I do - Teach functional skills maths and English as part of the apprenticeship courses.

Kelly Moon

Role: English Tutor

What I do - I creatively teach English language to ensure learners feel confident, enjoy their learning experience and develop the skills and knowledge they need to progress

Sue Kane

Role: Tutor


What I do - I support young students between the ages of 13-16 to improve their existing attributes,  learn new skills and help them achieve their long term goals.

Business Boost Team

Tracey Hughes

Role: Business Boost Project Co-ordinator


What I do - I work on the Business Boost Programme, helping clients to establish themselves as self-employed as well as supporting businesses to grow and develop in the local area. 

Sharon Young

Role: Business Boost Business Coach


What I do - I work as part of the business boost team, supporting training, coaching, mentoring and development, recruitment and retention, people engagement and HR.

Diane Foster

Role: Business Boost Grants manager

What I do - I support local businesses to grow and develop with advice, support and funding through our Business Boost project

Judith Falla

Role: Business Boost Consultant


What I do - I supporting people in business and those considering starting a business in North and South Durham, through information, advice, guidance coaching and consultancy whilst enabling access to finance, including grant funding.

Support Services

Gillian Marshall Dyson

Role: Bid writer  

What I do - Most days I’m either researching or writing new funding applications. My work is diverse and every day is different.  One day, I can be creating an application for new gardening equipment and the next developing a more complex multi-year application.

Paul Lund

Role: Quality and compliance manager


What I do - I am responsible for ensuring that all staff adheres to all of the policies and procedures in the Quality Management System.

Sharon Ovington

Role: Senior Finance Officer


What I do - Anything to do with finance.

David Spraggon

Role: I.T Support and Development manager


What I do - I develop and maintain the computer network and telecoms, while supporting the team with I.T related issues.

Jamie Fitzpatrick 

Role: Finance Officer 


What I do - I process County Led Local Development (CLLD) claims in the finance department, working alongside CLLD team.

Steven Tempest

Role: Caretaker

What I do - Repairs, alterations, reception cover, monitor utilities, First Aider, fire warden, Maintain vehicles, admin, post run, driving.

Admin Team

Jim Cooper

Role: Admin Support

What I do - I do the data entry for the team of navigators and coaches

Wendy Wilkinson

Role: Administration  Manager

What I do - I am responsible for the planning and management of the Finchale admin team

Mentors & Volunteers

Lee Bullivant

Role: Mentor


What I do - support our young students during their time at Finchale and provide a friendly listening ear.


Diane Watson

Role: Executive Director


What I do - I provide strategic leadership to the Finchale team ensuring that we are securing and delivering services that meet our clients needs.


Vikkie Wilkinson

Role: Development Executive


What I do - supporting the Executive Director and leading business development to ensure that we’re able to implement our strategy.


Jacqui Nicholson

Role: Programme and Services Delivery Lead


What I do - I am responsible for the support programmes and services that we offer through the Charity to all of our client groups.

Vicky Wood

Role: Education Development Manager

Meet The Board

Matt Hall

Role: Chairperson


Why I am involved with Finchale - I am an adopted Geordie having lived in the north east for the last 15 years and am passionate about the region and its people. I have been lucky to have a supportive upbringing and wanted to give something back. I had heard first-hand about the great work Finchale does in changing people’s lives so I wanted to be a part of that if I could help in any way.


Shellann Moody

Role: Trustee and Co-Chair of the People & Culture Committee



Why I am involved with Finchale - Finchale has a strong legacy and exciting future ambitions – which immediately piqued my interest. Education and training can and does change lives and this is central to the work Finchale do.



Helen Hardy

Role: Trustee Board Member and Co-Chair of the People & Culture Sub committee


Why did you want to get involved with Finchale - When looking for a non-Exec director/Trustee role, Finchale had a rich history of helping veterans to move from one very important job to another. I wanted to enable the sustainability of that in the 21st Century.

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